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WTF Friday 8/27

The things, they are changing, faster than I can keep up with. This week the weather took a distinct turn for the autumnal: highs in the low 60’s, wind, and rain rain rain. As further proof, I bought the season’s first brussels sprouts at the market this afternoon, always my first personal fall milestone. With fall comes our home stretch. We’ve been here a little over six months, and if all goes well, we’ll be here a little less than six more months. Nate’s starting to troll for employment in earnest, and we’re having a lot of conversations about the relative merits of (for example only, don’t no one get excited) Ann Arbor, MI and Ipswich, MA. I’m starting to make tentative career-pathing decisions of my own, and by the spring/summer, lots will change for me.

There’s still no accounting for sudden changes in taste. The photo above is Nathan’s favored dessert of late. I don’t like dessert so he indulges on his own–and he’s developed quite a fondness for Dutch drop, or (of course with the diminutive) dropjes. Continue reading


WTF Friday 8/20

Given my fascination with Dutch garbage, it was only a matter of time until I moved onwards and upwards. I mean, really, I’m a highly educated grownup here. It’s time to discuss adult things. (I even have health insurance now, I’m so grown up!) Continue reading

WTF Friday 7/23

Has it been a week already? Jeez, all this running around town trying to get ready to leave it has made this week evaporate, poof. I always need a vacation more after I’ve performed all the necessary errands.

Yesterday afternoon I was crashing out of the house trying to get downtown to meet a friend for coffee. I was late. Partly because I stopped to wander around the department store, but mostly because leaving my apartment stopped me cold. Continue reading

WTF Friday 6/18

The Grote Markt becomes a beach volleyball pitch. Martinikerk makes an odd backdrop. (And yes, it’s too cold for those people to be wearing shorts.) The sand is probably 18 inches deep or so, plopped right in the middle of the Groningen equivalent of Quincy Market. I saw them building it on Wednesday; by 8:45 Thursday morning, people were playing volleyball.

I’ve never seen people more desperate for summer.

WTF Friday 6/4: Special DIY edition


Nate's new bald spot.

N: How did you think that looked right? HOW DID YOU DO THIS? Continue reading

WTF Friday 5/14

I know I could probably name all of you who checked and missed me this week on one hand. To you lovely folks, I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened to this week, or where it went, or what I did instead of writing a post. All of a sudden it was Thursday yesterday, and I was like, whoops, it’s almost Friday.

So I hear it was bike-to-work day this week, hmmh? Or at least it appears to have been in some places. Not to keep harping on a stereotype you all already know, guys, but I’m seriously: here, every day is bike to work day. Continue reading

WTF Friday 5/7

For you, today, a weather-appropriate, indoor WTF. Because, WHY is it still 50 degrees outside? WHY am I still spending every afternoon huddled in the chair by the heater because it’s too cold to walk in the park or even to want to go shopping? Continue reading