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A (very small) finish

Today I cleaned the shower. This is a big deal, because in what seems to me the dampest country in the world, mold grows way faster than I can keep up with. It’s mean mold too: bleach only angers it; it scoffs at the abrasive efforts of Vim. Continue reading


This is going to take awhile.

I spent this cold, rainy Saturday quilting, while Nathan watched football (the Netherlands played the world’s most boring game today) and cursed at Kindle book prices. Quilting is warm, and pleasant, because I’ve decided I prefer just to sit right under it and sew.

I finished the top in early or mid-May, but put off pinning it until Thursday, because I had convinced myself it was ugly. I found it much more attractive after not looking at it for a month. I like how the greens pop out of all the darks. So, yes, it’s pretty. It’s just…going to take awhile to hand-quilt this epic quilt. (Yes, it is the width of my living room floor, which is pretty much why I stopped adding rows, cause I’ve got a huge pile of more axe-heads.)

Mostly for my momma

Two finished Steps blocks, two more in the queue, sixteen more to go.

One week ago, I was getting so much sun that I was headachy and fitful on Friday night. Today: inside quilting. Again. Dear Holland: THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR MY TOMATOES. Or my psyche.

I’m sorry, I hope the weather updates end soon too. Continue reading