WTF Friday 8/20

Given my fascination with Dutch garbage, it was only a matter of time until I moved onwards and upwards. I mean, really, I’m a highly educated grownup here. It’s time to discuss adult things. (I even have health insurance now, I’m so grown up!) Continue reading


Well, if I must: Amsterdam-Atlanta-Aruba 2010

The actual view from our beach chairs in Aruba.

We’ve been back from our big vacation for over a week, and yesterday was the first day I managed to spend mostly awake. I either have the worst jet lag ever, or else some kind of Aruban sleeping sickness, because every afternoon this past week seems to find me passed out on the sofa with a book upended on my belly. Continue reading

WTF Friday 8/13

Have you ever seen a hologram OF YOUR OWN FACE?

Me neither. UNTIL NOW. Continue reading

OK, so I lied: Kröller-Müller Museum and Hoge Veluwe National Park

A walking path in the Kröller-Müller Museum sculpture garden

Today was our first day of vacation–well, sort of. Continue reading

WTF Friday 7/23

Has it been a week already? Jeez, all this running around town trying to get ready to leave it has made this week evaporate, poof. I always need a vacation more after I’ve performed all the necessary errands.

Yesterday afternoon I was crashing out of the house trying to get downtown to meet a friend for coffee. I was late. Partly because I stopped to wander around the department store, but mostly because leaving my apartment stopped me cold. Continue reading

WTF Friday 7/16

I really hope this plays for you guys States-side.

This is absolutely my favorite Dutch commercial. Note that the sexy Dutch men are all weedy, strawberry blonde, and pinkly farmer-tanned. There’s a little more variation in the Milner meisjes (yeah you might NOT want to google that at work) but not a lot.

And that’s definitely the outfit I need to wear next time I’m hacking huge chunks from a wheel of ideal low-fat Milner cheese. (Pondstuks is what they call the huge 1-lb hunks of cheese you buy in the supermarket.)

Dutch cheese: it’s great, but the commercial? WTF.

The hatches

have been battened down. Or, at least, the tomato plants have been helicopter mommied into the french door alcove in the garden so they don’t get hailed to bits.

Right after the tragic World Cup loss (I don’t want to talk about it, except to say that my dad always says if you’re not getting fouls you’re not playing defense, so get off your moral high horse), we had a series of freak summer storms, lasting Sunday night through Monday late afternoon. Continue reading