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WTF Friday 8/27

The things, they are changing, faster than I can keep up with. This week the weather took a distinct turn for the autumnal: highs in the low 60’s, wind, and rain rain rain. As further proof, I bought the season’s first brussels sprouts at the market this afternoon, always my first personal fall milestone. With fall comes our home stretch. We’ve been here a little over six months, and if all goes well, we’ll be here a little less than six more months. Nate’s starting to troll for employment in earnest, and we’re having a lot of conversations about the relative merits of (for example only, don’t no one get excited) Ann Arbor, MI and Ipswich, MA. I’m starting to make tentative career-pathing decisions of my own, and by the spring/summer, lots will change for me.

There’s still no accounting for sudden changes in taste. The photo above is Nathan’s favored dessert of late. I don’t like dessert so he indulges on his own–and he’s developed quite a fondness for Dutch drop, or (of course with the diminutive) dropjes. Continue reading


WTF Friday 8/20

Given my fascination with Dutch garbage, it was only a matter of time until I moved onwards and upwards. I mean, really, I’m a highly educated grownup here. It’s time to discuss adult things. (I even have health insurance now, I’m so grown up!) Continue reading

WTF Friday 8/13

Have you ever seen a hologram OF YOUR OWN FACE?

Me neither. UNTIL NOW. Continue reading

WTF Friday 7/23

Has it been a week already? Jeez, all this running around town trying to get ready to leave it has made this week evaporate, poof. I always need a vacation more after I’ve performed all the necessary errands.

Yesterday afternoon I was crashing out of the house trying to get downtown to meet a friend for coffee. I was late. Partly because I stopped to wander around the department store, but mostly because leaving my apartment stopped me cold. Continue reading

WTF Friday 7/16

I really hope this plays for you guys States-side.

This is absolutely my favorite Dutch commercial. Note that the sexy Dutch men are all weedy, strawberry blonde, and pinkly farmer-tanned. There’s a little more variation in the Milner meisjes (yeah you might NOT want to google that at work) but not a lot.

And that’s definitely the outfit I need to wear next time I’m hacking huge chunks from a wheel of ideal low-fat Milner cheese. (Pondstuks is what they call the huge 1-lb hunks of cheese you buy in the supermarket.)

Dutch cheese: it’s great, but the commercial? WTF.

WTF Friday 7/9

Another 87F scorcher here in Holland today. And woe unto you if you haven’t worked on your Holland tan.

Yesterday I sat in this exact same spot in the park, and there was a group of older people painting this unusual tree. Today? There’s mostly-naked Dutch girls sunbathing. The (crappy) picture doesn’t even begin to convey the weirdness; the Noorderplantsoen’s pretty big so people are able to spread out everywhere to most effectively cancer-fy themselves.

Weirder still? They’ve been doing this since March, when it was like 52F.

Weirdest? None of them are tan yet. Dude, you can’t get tan in Holland.

I’m assuming, given the fact that I got (harmlessly) creeped on (and was left alone once I dropped the H-bomb–“husband”) in this same park the other day, that the sunbathing is simply another kind of markt. This one’s the undergrad meat markt, though, because these undergrads just lack a Presidential courtyard to do it in.

I’ll stay in the shade, thanks.

WTF Friday?

I’ve got nothing for you but excuses, of the most pitiful kind.

First, I came home from Pisa last Sunday, and it took me twelve hours, two squalid Italian airports, one couple making out in the seats next to me during the whole flight from Rome to Amsterdam (“Um, sir, can you raise your seat back?”), and a 2.5 hour un-airconditioned train ride (this is not standard, the car was broken and it was much too hot for all us N. European blondes) to get here.

(Nate stayed behind at the Gordon conference in a resort in Tuscany and then had the nerve to gripe about the heat.)

Second, Nate has the camera in Tuscany. With the camera, he also has all of our Pisa photos. Ill-prepared for the descent of 300+ single-molecule scientists, the Tuscany resort offers only the crappiest of wireless, so he’s been unable to upload the photos to our Picasa.

Third, it’s supposed to be high of 87F here in Groningen today. The Dutch think this is very hot, and there’s a lot of generalized handwringing and water chugging and melodramatics. I think it’s too beautiful to be inside blogging, and there’s no wireless at the Noorderplantsoen.

So this is all just to say that I know I’m being lazy and disappointing (ha, compulsive Laura lazy and disappointing? WTF), but Pisa pictures really are forthcoming. Just not today.