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You know you’ve been a slacker

when your husband comes home and yells at you for not blogging for, like, three weeks. Once a week or so Nate will point out the fact that I wanted to come to Holland, to write, and I’ve managed, like I always do, to take up every other job and hobby other than the one I’m meant to.

The real truth is that I haven’t done much over the past couple of months that’s worth writing about. Some of you know that I have a great excuse, really. I just didn’t really feel motivated to write a blog post during the weeks when the most exciting thing that happened was that Nate went out to eat at a “Chinese” restaurant (without me) and he brought me home two Dutch fortune cookies. Yup, the fortunes were in Dutch. When your life is this boring, Dutch fortune cookies are pretty exciting.

Never mind that the English translation is on the flip side of the little slip, a fact that took us two days to discover. One of them said something about great determination helping us overcome obstacles and leading to success or some kind of generic fortune cookie crap. They never get right at the point.

I suppose, though, that I’m happy to have enjoyed a couple quiet months of boring. I expect things will pick up quite a bit for Nate & me over the next six months, especially around April 11. And that I’ll start getting out of the house more now that I’m twelve weeks pregnant and have regained most of my energy.

See, I told you I had a great excuse.


WTF Friday 9/3

This isn’t so weird. But you’d never see it at home.

The translation is, approximately, “Watch out! Borrowing money costs money.” Continue reading

WTF Friday 6/25

Italian edition.

Pasta/pizza vending machines.

Seen AFTER an absolutely perfect dinner: ravioli ragu and beef carpaccio for Nate, asparagus fettuccine and baccala for Laura. Otherwise, might have been…tempted.

Yes. It's a pizza/pasta vending machine. Prego.

[[Holding up/pushing down Leaning Tower pic cheez tk]]