A (very small) finish

Today I cleaned the shower. This is a big deal, because in what seems to me the dampest country in the world, mold grows way faster than I can keep up with. It’s mean mold too: bleach only angers it; it scoffs at the abrasive efforts of Vim. I inherited this mold from the most slovenly woman ever former tenant and it occupied way too much of my limited mental and physical energy today.

The mold is using energy that I have not been using to: blog, write, stay in touch with friends, clean other parts of the apartment, garden, read Tolstoy, or quilt. I have managed to: nap, re-read Beverly Cleary and L. M. Montgomery, sleep 10-14 hours each night, watch a zillion NBC sitcom reruns, and finish this one tiny project.

I sent this baby quilt off to Brookline to help make a new baby girl’s arrival a little warmer. Considering that I managed to piece the top (from this pattern) in three days flat, the quilting and binding went incredibly slowly. Like, two months slowly. It doesn’t show in the low-light photo, but I quilted with pink thread. Those are quilted leaves and flowers around the border. And thanks to my momma’s scraps, I managed to work in several little pieces of my own old baby dresses around the border.

This baby quilt turned out so cute I just might have to start on another one pretty soon. Once that shower mold’s gone, of course.


One response to “A (very small) finish

  1. Lovely! Well done 🙂

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