WTF Friday 8/20

Given my fascination with Dutch garbage, it was only a matter of time until I moved onwards and upwards. I mean, really, I’m a highly educated grownup here. It’s time to discuss adult things. (I even have health insurance now, I’m so grown up!)So, in the spirit of maturity, guess what this is!

Nate and I, with a combined 40 years of formal education between us, couldn’t figure it out for the life of us. Until. We saw a guy using one.

It’s a urinal.

Not only that, it’s a four-sided open-air urinal! In this case, planted in the park! I took this picture (no zoom) from the footpath! So this is like 18 inches off the footpath! Last time I checked, the Noorderplantsoen is a family establishment, folks. Alas, my beloved city park has been transformed into a crowd-and-concert-ready fairground for the annual Noorderzon arts festival, and urinals have been placed along the path of my daily walk.

I’d like to point out, first of all, no way would this be legal in the States. Second, do you see the fence around the tree directly behind the urinal? All the big trees in the park are similarly fenced. I thought, at first, “Hm, a convenient place to chain your bike, I guess.” Then it hit me. They don’t want men to pee on the trees, but in the urinal. Apparently wildplassen, or, peeing in the wild, is a bigger (or more widely acknowledged) problem here. There’s a whole article on it. Huh.

So much for being adult.


One response to “WTF Friday 8/20

  1. Sorry but the gray plastic looks too much like the inside of a porta-potty to be anything else. Now I would be really worried if the blue figure near the top was wearing a dress.

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